Estate Planning

Tom advises individuals, couples, and families regarding the most effective and efficient vehicles to accomplish their estate planning objectives.

What is estate planning anyway?

In a nutshell, estate planning is being intentional about the legacy (financial and personal) you are leaving by memorializing your wishes.   It is a puzzle that pieces together asset protection, planning for death, planning for incapacity, and in some instances, transfer taxes.  It involves attorney and client education, legal documents, and coordinating account and beneficiary designations on assets like life insurance and retirement accounts.

First, Tom seeks to be educated by his clients about:

  1. Their family dynamics
  2. Their assets and liabilities
  3. Their values and objectives regarding the descent of their assets
  4. Any charitable giving objectives
  5. Special considerations such as minors, medical or personal challenges, blended families, unique family assets, etc.

Next, with the client, Tom determine which legal documents most effectively and efficiently meet the client’s needs.  These may include: wills, revocable trusts, special purpose trusts, powers of attorney, transfer on death deeds, and more.

Finally, Tom advises you regarding beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance, account designations on checking, savings, and brokerage accounts, and guardian considerations for minors.

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