Guardianships are a sensitive, emotional area of law. We provide compassionate counsel to those exploring a guardianship. If you find yourself at this difficult crossroad, we are available to to discuss whether a guardianship is necessary, the ins and outs of guardianships, as well as explore alternatives to a guardianship. Visit our Resources section for more information about Guardianship.

A guardianship removes certain rights and privileges from a person (i.e. the “ward”) and grants another person (i.e. the “guardian”) the authority (broad or limited depending on the extent of incapacity) to make decisions for that person.

It is a legal process designed to protect vulnerable persons (including as a result of age (under 18), disease, injury, developmental disability, or physical disability) from abuse, neglect (by self or third parties), and exploitation. Guardianship provides for the management of the ward and/or the management of a ward’s assets while preserving, to the largest extent possible, the ward’s independence and right to make certain decisions.

We provide skillful, sensitive counsel to those exploring a guardianship.  Our services include assisting with determining whether a guardianship is necessary (or whether an alternative is available), determining what type of guardianship is necessary (of the person, of the estate, or of the person and estate, educating clients on the responsibilities and reporting requirements of a guardian, and administering new and existing guardianships.  We also serve as local counsel for non-local attorneys and fiduciaries with Bell and Williamson County guardianships.

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