Probate & Estate Administration

Tom provides skillful, sensitive counsel regarding the necessity of probate or the availability of a probate alternative, guides fiduciaries through estate administrations, and advises beneficiaries and heirs regarding their rights in an estate.

Some of his services include:

  • Heirship proceedings and administrations when there is no will
  • Assisting with the administration of a decedent’s funded trust
  • Probating a decedent’s will and having an executor appointed
  • Probating the decedent’s will as a muniment of title only
  • Proceeding with a probate alternative such as:
    • Affidavit of Heirship
    • Small Estate Affidavit

Services also include guidance through the administration process such as determining assets and liabilities of the estate, dealing with creditors, and transferring title to the appropriate heirs or beneficiaries.

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